Our vision for Grove is to provide landlords with the easiest way to track their rental income, keeping them up-to-date on the status of their property, and paying them in full.

We know first-hand that it can be difficult for property owners and landlords to keep track of rental payments, and ensure their tenants are up-to-date.

The current process for tracking and reconciling rent payments can be manual, messy, and time consuming - and these problems are forever increasing with growing property portfolios.

For those of you who are property owners and landlords, picture a day where you didn't have to open your bank account and scroll through endless transactions to find rental payments (Did I really order that much UberEats?). A day where you didn't need to consult a spreadsheet, or find that important scrap piece of paper (yikes) that you swore was next to the router.

Keeping track of rent doesn't need to be hard. Let's tell the story of what your day will look like when you use Grove.

A morning where you wake up and see a notification, that the rent for your property on the coast has been paid into your account, the full amount, the actual amount you were expecting! A lunchtime where you can see your projected rental income, so go ahead and book that cruise for next year. An afternoon where you switch banks and refinance your mortgage, without having to change rent payment details. Or an evening where you say "Hey Google, ask Grove if my tenants have paid their rent" while making dinner and listening to Spotify.

Tenants, aren't being left out of the equation either. Have you ever had a receipt for the rent you pay on time each week? We didn't think so.

Well, we want to change that.

Imagine being able to build your credit history in the easiest way possible - through paying your rent. Want to pay your rent via credit card? (hello rewards points!) That can be done too.

We want to turn things upside down and approach things differently. We believe we can do this through leveraging technology and providing a delightful experience for users.

πŸ‘‹ Welcome to Grove. We'll keep track, so you don't have to.