Automatically keeping on top of rental payments gives Mikayla Yee more time to focus on doing what she loves.

Mikayla made the move to Wellington three years ago to study at Victoria University. After a year of flatting with friends, the opportunity came up to buy an apartment and she jumped on it.

“I think the perception is that once you have a house, you're tied to it. I've always wanted to live overseas so I was going to make that happen regardless of whether or not I had a house.”

Last year the opportunity for her dream job came up, and after some careful consideration Mikayla took it. But it wasn't without its challenges.

“Living and working remotely in South-East Asia is quite far removed from my office job in Wellington. I'm loving the contract work as it gives me heaps of flexibility. However, it means that income isn't regular and it's really important to me to have my rental income in the bank when it is due."

"For a first time landlord Grove is actually perfect” says Mikayla. “The notifications let me know that rent has been collected, or if the tenants have been automatically contacted to follow up on any overdue rent.”

From challenge to opportunity

Before finding Grove, understanding the ins and outs of managing a rental property for Mikayla was a challenge.

“It's quite a lot to take on board. Regulations seem to be changing all the time, and it's more than just checking monthly bank statements. I've got to be checking weekly to make sure no rent has been missed. My current tenants are great, but if I do lose track of payments I know that it can cost me down the line.”

As a first-time landlord Mikayla was spending a lot of time educating herself on rental compliance, and the many other tasks that come with the job. Manually keeping a rent book updated in excel, and tracking and following up each week on rent payments was eating away at her spare time. She needed something to take away some of the pressure, and free up her time.

“Instead of seeing home ownership as limiting my options, I see it as an opportunity. I feel lucky that with new technology and people thinking outside the box, I can easily manage my rental income from wherever, whenever.”

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