Passionate about technology, Ben strongly believes in digital experiences that help make life easier. So after moving to London with his partner Charlotte and choosing to rent out their apartment back home, Ben was looking for a solution to take the hassle out of keeping track of the rent payments.

"Hey Google, make me a coffee"

If you asked Ben two years ago what he pictured himself doing in 2020, he would have said living in his apartment with his beloved cat Meggy and perfecting the art of the flat white with his Rocket Espresso machine.

Passionate about tech, Ben has always been the first one among his friends to try new technology. When he heard about Grove, he jumped on board to be one of the early adopters because he strongly believes that tech solutions make life easier.

"I’m always first to know when it comes to new tech in areas I’m passionate about. Whether that is a new project management tool, property tech, smartphones or a new coffee gadget. I research and read a lot before I buy something, and I go for quality and innovation over finding the cheapest products.”

"To create a new product you need to be passionate and efficient as well as an entrepreneur. I always jump on board with any new products that I can see potential in, I don’t like spending time doing unnecessary admin when I could be doing things that I enjoy.”

Landlording from London

The plan was always to rent out the apartment while he was overseas. Ben had previous experience with renting out his property through AirBnb, but having long term tenants was a whole different story.

He decided to rent out the apartment fully furnished, so that his property would appeal to renters looking for the full package. He collected a few key personal items to leave with friends; his cat Meg, and his rocket espresso machine, so that they were taken care of until he was ready to return to life in New Zealand.

When Ben and Charlotte first moved to London two years ago, Grove didn’t exist. Their tenants paid weekly which meant Ben was checking his NZ bank account every single week.

‘It wasn’t very intuitive. I was scrolling through transactions on the weekend, trying to balance rent income against the invoice from our property manager. Repairs were taken from rent payments, management fees were taken from rent payments. It was difficult to know how much I would actually be paid each week.”

“Grove was such a good find. I didn’t know that there were solutions to some of the issues I was having with tracking rent, then there it was. It’s been great, it’s so simple and it makes my life easier.”

Ben’s tech tips for landlords

  • Install a digital lock/keypad on the front door, no more issues with getting new keys cut
  • Use automated rent tracking, instant notifications beat scrolling through transactions every time
  • Get involved with the screening process, make sure you do a background check and credit report check online
  • Wireless LED light bulbs will save energy as well as connect with Google Home or Amazon Echo

Take control of your rent collection from abroad and sign up for Grove today.