Be instantly notified when your rental income has been collected and paid - or when it hasn’t.

As soon as your tenant pays rent, Grove will notify the landlord by sending you an email. This email will include the rent amount paid, the tenancy for which rent has been paid and other details which make tracking rent for one or multiple properties easy. Your tenants also know exactly when their rent has gone through to you as Grove sends them an email with a digital receipt. This ensures everyone is on the same page with paying rent and it also keeps landlords compliant with their legal and insurance obligations without needing to do anything.

If rent is due and has not been paid then again, Grove will notify the landlord by sending you an email. This email will let you know which property has not yet paid, when their payment was due and exactly how much they have owing. We will also send an urgent email to your tenant notifying them that their rent is overdue and that they need to pay it immediately. This email will remind the tenant of their obligations as well as the outstanding amount and how they can pay this. It will also inform them of the process going forward if rent remains unpaid.

Grove’s ability to automatically notify both parties in this situation means you can catch rent arrears early and before they become a bigger issue. This is really important in the situation where a 14-Day Notice to Remedy has to be issued as you need to do this after exactly 2 weeks of not receiving rent - a task that can easily be forgotten if you are relying on human eyes sifting through bank statements. And if it ever got to the point where a notice needed to be issued? Grove will remember and do this for you.

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