Providing a professional service to your tenants has never been easier.

Grove issues a receipt to your tenants for every rent payment they make. Once the rent payment hits the Grove account, tenants will be issued their receipt in an email. This gives tenants a copy of receipts for their own financial records and takes care of your responsibilities as a landlord.

One of your obligations as a landlord is to give tenants a written statement of rent paid whenever they request it.  This is covered in section 29 of the Residential Tenancies Act in more detail.

Grove automates this all for you. Tenants will have access to their own up to date payment records with copies of receipts on hand. With both you and your tenants having current payment records, you can both be on the same page when it comes to rent.

Grove collects the rent, reconciles payments and receipts your tenants without you lifting a finger.

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