Taking your business online will save you time and streamline your processes, making managing your property a breeze.

So which tools and resources should landlords look to first?

We've compiled a sweet list of six tech tools that already rate high among tech-savvy landlords. From finding information on a potential investment, to making managing parts of your property a little bit easier. If you're a self-managing landlord, here is how tech can help!

Planning to buy a property

If you're looking to invest in property, you need to make sure the numbers stack up before you buy. Looking at house prices is just the beginning; market rent, and home loan repayments are also important numbers to factor in to your decision.

Homes.co.nz brings together data on recent sales in each area, data on past sales of each property and sale and rent estimates. The map feature gives a great visual of which homes are for sale, for rent and which have recently sold so that you can really focus your search for a new property.

Regions NZ is another app that you can use to get a better understanding of an area you want to buy in. Created by the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment, this app pulls together a range of data on regional areas in New Zealand including the average house value and weekly rent rate. Other interesting info about the work force, education, and tourism in each region is also shown. Great for getting a bigger picture of any place in NZ before you buy!

Signing Tenancy agreements

Getting access to a printer and scanner is a pain, especially with increasing numbers of people working from home without access to the office printer. Speed up the process of signing documents by using DocuSign.

Used by banks like ASB to sign loan agreements, DocuSign is a reliable choice for signing tenancy agreements digitally. Upload your doc, add tenant names and emails, and they'll be sent the lease to sign using the screen of their device - thanks to DocuSign. A huge time saver that doesn't require pen to paper or everyone meeting in one place at one time, you can also get a free trial to DocuSign for 30 days.

Tracking and reconciling rent

Landlords have many responsibilities to ensure that their business is running effectively. Alongside carrying out regular inspections, one of the most high admin tasks is tracking rent.

Using the Grove Rent app, you can keep rent records up-to-date without doing anything! Landlords on Grove get notified each time rent is paid, late, or in arrears, and they'll even email receipts to tenants after each payment. Grove keeps insurance happy with up-to-date records, and missed rent payments are less likely to slip through the cracks. Even better, you can sign up to get early access and try Grove Rent for free!

Keeping in touch with the community

Run by Graham Fowler, the Property Investor's Chat Group on Facebook is your go-to for all property related questions. Choosing paint colours and fixtures, tenancy law, and general advice on managing investment properties you'll find it all there.

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Choosing tenants

Before choosing a new tenant, it's a good idea to run background and credit checks to feel confident you're making the right decision. It's also good to check your insurance policy as this may be a requirement. There are so many online services that you can use to check your tenants and TenantCheck is one of them.

Run a check on your potential tenant by filling in their details and uploading a doc with their signed permission. TenantCheck will return reports in a reasonable timeframe and give you important info to ensure you're making an informed decision. For a preview of what their Full Check will show you, see the sample credit report.

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